Dr. Carlos Moore

"[A]n astounding book about revolution, resistance, passion, and compassion. . . ."
—Maya Angelou, from the foreword

"Carlos Moore is fearless—an activist and scholar with a piercing intelligence and the heart and pen of a poet."
—Susan L. Taylor, editorial director, Essence magazine

Carlos Moore is a towering figure in contemporary scholarship and present day intellectual life.  Don’t miss his powerful memoir!” 
-Cornel West, Princeton University

"This autobiography provides rare insights into the history of our times . . . and the meaning of being treated with dignity and fairness. . . . I loved this book!"
―Mario Baeza, chairman and founder, V-Me Media, National Spanish TV Network

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"I´d rather be damned for mistakes made while resisting oppression, than praised for an acquiescent passivity before injustice."
Dr. Carlos Moore

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Fela, Fela : This Bitch of a Life by Carlos Moore Published 1985 and re-released by Lawrence Hill Books on May 1, 2009.
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