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In 2000, I resigned my teaching post at the University of the West Indies, in Trinidad, and relocated with my family to Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, to write my memoirs and resume my research work on race in Latin America. Since, I have authored two books, Racismo & Sociedade (Belo Horizonte: Mazza Editora, 2007) and A África que Incomoda (Belo Horizonte: Nandyala Editora, 2008). Currently, I am drafting RACE: The Last Frontier of Hatred, a book that resumes my three decades of research, conducted around the world, on the impact of race on society.

  • UCLA International Studies: The Subtle Racism of Latin America by Dr. Carlos Moore
  • The Carlos Moore Collection at UCLA. All of Carlos Moore´s papers (unpublished manuscripts, private correspondence,  FBI files, interviews, articles…) covering a forty-five year period (1960-2005).

    • Carlos Moore has donated his personal documents and correspondence, published and unpublished manuscripts, and audio and video cassettes to the Library and Media Center of the UCLA Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies. To help you locate information within the collection we are posting the Finding Aid and Container List for the collection.

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